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Posted in diary

Vacation? Really?!

Some people i’ve seen on my Facebook, smiling and having fun with all their beaches, pools and enjoying their happy life unlike on my situation now, sitting infront of electric fan, lying on my banig and listening to some Mariah Carey’s songs. I was thinking for what i’ve done today and yup having fun with my good friend for 11 years already, Jilliane and Im glad we’re still friends. And after that I sat again infront of my computer and doing random thinhs on my Facebook, thanking Pet City and Criminal Case and it keeps me busy, also to YouTube and itsjudysife vlogs! And my routine repeats, i dont really complain and begging for a grand life like what others experiencing this summer, its just that I just want to do SOMETHING, WHICH IS I DO NOT KNOW. Im just sick of this summer life. And yup on my studies, im doing well “though”, but in some reasons i have to transfer on different school for me to continue my degree being an accountant and be a CPA. With all these problems I know that He has plans for me. 

Im not afraid for all the consequences that i will encounter because God’s there and Ill just do my BEST to make my goals became REAL.

But im having trouble with all the people who surrounds me, Yup! College really taught me how to differentiate a friend and a true friend. College taught me how to be independent and have a strong decision. Im so happy that I gained much when it comes to wisdom and experiences and there’s me having my own vision. College taught me how to be introvert… college really do. Ill do list and WHYs of what college taught me. But now I have to change my music… ughhh Work by Rihanna is playing. Bye.