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Thoughts 2016…

Something to nothing…

In my age, I’ve been experiencing exceptionable things from my ups and downs. I couldn’t imagine these things why is it happening to me, i keep on doing my things and yet it’s still not enough for me to handle my life good. I can laugh still but i’m not  happy, why? Should I find my happiness and just depend on what it will give satisfaction on my nerves or should I just be patient for what I am experiencing today. School problems, expired inspirations, low self esteem and super down ako ngayon emotionally, and i think that’s enough for me to say that problems should be forgotten by laughing out loud with my bitchy friends but it will be memorable.


Nothing to something…

In my 17 years of existence, i can say that i’m a little bit strong to handle stuffs (yes, stuffs cuz stuffs are nonsense things) and how to easily cry-sleep-moveon-eat cycle when it comes to life.

Life should go on, and stress will kill you and that’s what i learn last 2015.

And when stress really loves you, love them back, why? because all things that we loved, will be gone and vanished like a thin bubble on the air.


(apply cold water to the burn area)


Hello 2016! So far, it’s good though i already feel like i’m already experiencing REALITY. Maybe i should try to change?! Cuz i’m already on my way to womanhood (yaiks!) (i wish I can make it) and womanhood has a responsibility in life and be a Pia Wurtzbach in life, CONFIDENTLY BEAUTIFUL WITH A HEART ♥


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Just pure drama.

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