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I’m shipping myself to this real potato crisps potpot here at Cafeteria, LPU.

(sshhhhh wag ka maingay ah…) nagambagan pa kame para dito bwahahahahah! Funny to hear but yes, masatisfy lang ang cravings namin and laughters are still there =)


Its been a week since i entered 2ND SEM! Kinakabahan parin ako kahit introduce yourself or simpleng pag recite, kinakabahan ako. I hope i can gain my confidence now right DUH college na uyyyyyy! 

My professors are nice and good! Looking forward now in our Prelim! So far, so good week naman for now. Actually i’m done reviewing my notes and doing assignments lang ngayon then I proceed to blogging agad! Im happy of what my situation today, eating, and listening to my boyfriends este to my favorite boyband ever!!!


I was like:

giphy (1)

Well, wish me luck everyday! Student life is not easy but it was full of fun! Corny to hear but i love going to school and i’m excited when our Accounting subject was already near!! I hate suspensions now. Strive harder everyone!

Let our dreams be possible! 😉





Just pure drama.

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